If you have a general question about the Banna Lane Festival that does not require an urgent response, please contact us via the email form.

Urgent enquiries

Banna Lane Festival Manager - Carrah Lymer

M: 0427 660 151

Banna Lane Festival is a not for profit event coordinated by Emerge Creative Agency.


Banna Lane
Griffith, NSW, 2680


Banna Lane Festival is a week long creative event comprising of mural painting, artist talks, public performance and more. Launching in May 2019.

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Whether it’s a service or product you can give at a discounted price; loan to us for one day; or support the entire week, we are greatly appreciative of any support coming our way.

We will in turn ensure our supporters generosity does not go unnoticed and share across our website and social channels.

Think you can help? Great! Please fill in the details below.

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After painting all day, we want to ensure our artists stay is a comfortable one so they are well rested for the week. We would love to have an accommodation partner/s support.

At present we are looking to have at maximum, eight artists; one curator/project manager; and one project assistant accommodated for six nights*. Artists do not have to be located at the one venue but we would like to ensure they are within walking distance of the lane.

*Total maximum nights, could be less dependent on artists schedules.

Equipment & Materials

Depending on the final buildings involved in the murals our range or equipment will vary from general ladders through to scissor lifts. A mini van is also needed to transport our materials to the different locations. We also looking for high quality paint and brushes, through to drop sheets.

We are looking to host artist talks throughout the week for the public so plastic chairs and shade to ensure their comfort during would also be welcomed.

Food & Drink

We want to ensure our artists get to taste the wide range of delicious food and drinks we have on offer. Starting the day with a great coffee in the morning through to ending the work day with a glass of wine or an ice cold beer, we want our artists to experience the great country hospitality the community of Griffith has to offer.

Maybe your establishment can shout them breakfast one day, host a pizza and pasta night or even offer them a special artists price for the week on their drinks…..we’d love to hear from our food and drink vendors on any ideas you may have on supporting our artists stay.

Printing & Promotional Services

Pre and post marketing event material will be need for the Banna Lane Festival from event posters through to brochures at the Visitor’s Center for tourists.

We would also like to see our volunteers clearly identified for their support in custom Banna Lane Festival Volunteer shirts.

If you’re in the printing and promotions business and can support us here with a good price we’d love to speak to you further.