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Banna Lane Festival is a not for profit event coordinated by Emerge Creative Agency.


Banna Lane
Griffith, NSW, 2680


Banna Lane Festival is a week long creative event comprising of mural painting, artist talks, public performance and more. Launching in May 2019.

Bronte Naylor

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Bronte Naylor

Site Four 2019

Style Illustrative

Method Brush & Roller

Tips for Visiting Bronte’s Site

Best Vantage Point Ulong plaza building, on Ulong Street

Parking Parking: 1-2 hour parking on Banna Avenue and Ulong Street. All day car parking available next to GB Sports at 161 Yambil Street.


Bronte Naylor is an Australian visual artist whose career spans both Gallery and Public applications. National collaborations with major arts festival across Australia have seen Bronte firmly positioned as an emerging heavyweight in Australian public art.

Her primary area of concerned is ‘memory’ and it’s reliance and relationship to technology. Naylor investigates ‘collage’ as a strategy to develop aesthetic stages allowing her public art works to both recall and manipulate images holding them in varying states of real and artificial realities. Naylor aims to create a public work which seeks to speak to individual and shared memory of the site or local.


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