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Banna Lane Festival is a not for profit event coordinated by Emerge Creative Agency.


Banna Lane
Griffith, NSW, 2680


Banna Lane Festival is a week long creative event comprising of mural painting, artist talks, public performance and more. Launching in May 2019.

Cory McKenzie

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Cory McKenzie

Site Three 2019

Style Wiradjuri

Method Brush & Spray

Tips for Visiting Cory’s Site

Best Vantage Point The Griff Motel, side footpath along the laneway or from the back of the Griff Motel car park.

Parking Parking: 1-2 hour parking on Banna Avenue, Yambil Street and Kooyoo Street.


Cory was raised and grew up in Wiradjuri Country (Griffith NSW) and has been an Artist for over 15+ years in Exhibitions and Art Dealings Nationally and internationally. Painting, creating, gathering and making artifacts and ensuring the safety and protection of all native animals and their environment’s is instilled in Cory’s very nature.

Cory draws his inspiration from the land and its natural beauty and from the elders who passed down their knowledge of plants and animals to him. Cory says “The Land and Animals have taught me so much and I depict these lessons, stories and journey’s in my Artworks, I also enjoy customising artworks for other peoples journeys and stories and creating a visual of their ideas.”

Cory enjoys building community projects, programs and events and donates a percentage of his artworks to community.


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