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Banna Lane Festival is a not for profit event coordinated by Emerge Creative Agency.


Banna Lane
Griffith, NSW, 2680


Banna Lane Festival is a week long creative event comprising of mural painting, artist talks, public performance and more. Launching in May 2019.

Ian McCallum

web banner-ian.jpg

Ian McCallum

Site Two 2019


Style Graphic & Typography

Method Brush, Spray & Roller

Tips for Visiting Ian’s Site

Best Vantage Point The Griff Motel, side footpath along the laneway or from the back of the Griff Motel car park.

Parking Parking: 1-2 hour parking on Banna Avenue, Yambil Street and Kooyoo Street.


Ian McCallum is an Australian artist whose practice slips between indoor and outdoor work. A collage-like aesthetic is a signature of the work including textural and typographical forms. His work possesses an anthropological study quality which stems from the reference material sourced through travel and photography. Signs, architecture, detritus, decay and repair catch the artists’ eye when searching for this material. McCallum's work comes together through an improvisational mode of working mixed with some visual sampling to complete the final composition which draws parallels with collage.


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